Pakistan desires to clear banned spot-fixer Muhammad Amir


Pakistan’s cricket chief says an appeal will be lodged for Muhammad Amir in the International Cricket Council’s anti-corruption unit to play domestic matches before his five year ban expires.


Muhammad Amir’s ban expired in August 2015.

The ICC on revised its anti-corruption code that banned players can play matches a few months before the end of their ban.
The International Cricket Council said it would be up to the home board.
The 22 year old bowler Muhammad Amir was banned along with their captain Salman Butt and player Mohammad Asif for accepting money in 2010 in return for bowling deliberate no balls during a Lord’s test against England.
The ICC’s anti-corruption court banned Muhammad Amir for five years.

Shaharyar Khan said

“We are satisfied that Amir has done the rehab, and from the beginning he was co-operative and the case was ready for us. We hope that in the next ICC meeting on January 26 we will have a final decision,”
“The way is open for Amir’s return.”

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