Shan Masood Happy
Shan Masood Happy to be back in the final eleven for Pakistan


Shan Masood said he was happy to be back in the final eleven for Pakistan in the second Test match against New Zealand.
Shan Masood said
“Any game you play for Pakistan is an honour and I am very happy to be back in the team,”.



“Both our openers have done well but it is unfortunate that they got injured. It’s now up to Taufeeq and me to score runs and we will do our best”.

“New Zealand haven’t gotten away, they have 240 odd with three down but had it been 300 plus it would have been worrying. If we get early wickets tomorrow, we can put pressure on them.
“Credit to them the way they batted, especially Latham,” said Shan. “It’s a slow wicket with less turn but you have to apply yourself on this and bat patiently.”
Ross Taylor catch dismissed by Shan Masood, he said, “It’s not easy to field so close and for someone 6-feet-2-inches tall, you automatically stand up but I have practiced a lot and our usual fielder at this position, Azhar Ali, gave me some good tips so it was good to have a catch at that position.”

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